Grow your campaign lists

Photo content, quizzes, giveaways – all these methods can be used to create a viral promotion that fits in with your marketing targets.

Send automated trigger campaigns

Engage gives you the capability to keep in regular contact with your customers and increase your sales opportunities through automated messaging. Has one of your customers abandoned their cart? Engage can use their data to automatically send out a time-sensitive, personalised email reminding them to remember their shopping!

You can also trigger emails to be sent out to those who sign-up to your list so every opt-in becomes a marketing opportunity.

And remember, the more data you capture, (such as birthdays, phone number, names and location) the more unique you can make your communications, meaning an increased chance of prompting a reaction from your potential customers.

Gather more data with Facebook

Engage allows you to seamlessly connect your social platforms with your communication strategy. Add a ‘Sign up to the latest emails’ button to your Facebook and at the click of a button, a pre-populated form will capture a range of data and feed straight through to the Engage software whilst also adding the new sign-up to your mailing list.

Basic Card abandonment tackling process
form builder

Easy sign-up form builder

Growing your database organically may take longer than other methods but you can guarantee the data will be of a MUCH higher, useful quality. Simply add one of the sign-up forms available on Engage and start building your customer list.

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Access mobile-ready email templates

One of the most popular uses for smartphones today is checking emails, which is why Engage has a number of featured templates for you to choose from so your email messages can be viewed on a mobile screen or tablet.

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Optimised email design

Great email design will encourage recipients to convert into customers. Our design team can analyse the areas for improvement in your current email creative and optimise it according to best practices so you get the most rewarding results.

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Send personalised offers

Engage gives you the tools you need to gather data on your customers that goes way beyond their first and last name. Using dynamic content, you can send much more relevant emails to each customer based on things like demographics, personal preferences, purchase history or online activities, which is likely to increase your click-through rate and ROI.

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Test your email

A/B testing is ALWAYS recommended when carrying out any email campaign. Whether you want to evaluate subject lines or the actual content of your email, simply set the length of time you want the test to run for and select who you’d like to send to before letting Engage work its automated magic. You can then analyse the results before sending the winner to the rest of your contact base.

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View before sending

Better safe than sorry, which is why Engage gives you the ability to see exactly how your emails will land in your customers' inbox – whether they view it on a desktop, android or tablet!

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Increase engagement with a preference centre

Another process Engage is capable of adding to your website is a preference centre. This can be used at two key points:

  • When new visitors sign up to your mailing list – a preference centre is handy for highlighting what kind of information your subscribers want to receive from you.
  • When people want to unsubscribe – this gives your subscriber the chance to choose which type of communications they want to unsubscribe from and also select the reason why they’re unsubscribing. This gives you the opportunity for feedback so you can determine any trends and tweak your communications process as necessary.
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