Marketing automation

Marketing automation is an advanced way for companies to streamline, automate and measure their marketing strategies and workflows. Automating these processes enable companies to increase operation efficiency and improve revenue. Marketing automation can be a colossal benefit to both B2B and B2C organisations.

Marketing automation allows companies to update and manage lead generation, segment data, lead scoring, lead nurturing and, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention, and marketing ROI measurement.

Marketing Automation requires a software platform and technology which effectively enables marketing departments and organisations to market and connect on multiple channels including, email, SMS, print, social media and websites. Working on marketing automation software can benefit your business by specifying principles and outcomes for processes and tasks, which can then be interpreted, stored and executed by the software. Using a platform of this level reduces any risk of human error.


Why Engage

Engage can manage all of the above and more. The Engage platform provides users the ability to plan, organise, manage and measure all of your marketing campaigns, online and offline. Engage is your platform to see which of your marketing strategies worked, which didn’t and which need improving. This platform is a way for you to test, measure and optimise your marketing ROI and increase revenue.

Engage is a place for all marketing data including customer interactions, behaviours and detailed prospects. Data can be segmented, and triggers are actioned to send the right message to the right recipient. For example, if a recipient reads your email and doesn’t take action, Engage fires out a follow up days later. Engage has the function to show each recipients steps in your process.

Engage can manage the following, landing pages, campaign management, email marketing, customer management, CRM integration, social media campaigns, mobile marketing, engagement marketing, prediction and scoring, marketing analytics and lead nurturing.

Generate stronger leads

The key to turning your website visitors into valuable leads is consistent, relevant communication. So, let’s talk about how to yield your visitors’ email addresses in order to open communication with them. Engage provides you with a number of tools to help grow your email list and give you the opportunity to start interacting with your potential customers.

  • Basic bait options
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Contact us
  • Email harvesting
  • Double opt-in sign-up
Basic Card abandonment tackling process
Basic Card abandonment tackling process

Create more sales opportunities

Once you’ve made a connection with your potential customers, you can start to engage them with your company. Special offers and discount processes usually work well to trigger initial purchases, giving you the chance to show off your superb service and build trust in your business. After that, you can use Engage to add up-sell and cross-sell processes to your automated marketing to encourage further sales.

  • Up-selling
  • Cross-selling
  • Partner procedure
  • Basic voucher development
  • Advanced voucher development
  • Lead forwarding
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