A great solution for small eCommerce stores (up to 100 products)

If you have 100 products or less to sell online, a classic eCommerce solution is not practical as it won’t warrant the spend on a large online store. With Engage, you’ll have access to a small eCommerce feature which will be much more cost effective.

  • Basic product/item/service
  • Event reservation process
  • Basic room reservation process
  • Set up of bait processes
  • Facebook integration
  • Set up of PayPal gateways
Basic Card abandonment tackling process
Basic Card abandonment tackling process

A full eCommerce automation solution (over 100 products)

For online stores with more than 100 products we recommend taking advantage of the full eCommerce solution offered through Engage. This allows you to connect your current CRM system with your eStore, allowing you to filter the ‘Big Data’ on your customers and segment them into smaller categories. Not only this, but you can trigger time-sensitive, personalised emails to remind those who abandon their cart to collect their shopping and also fully mange your accounts.

  • Cart abandonment
  • CRM – eCommerce integration
  • Accountancy integration
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