How does it work?

The best way to describe Engage is that it works a bit like a Rubik's Cube, in that it can be manipulated a number of ways to solve the ultimate puzzle of how to best communicate with your customers externally, or your staff and suppliers internally.

Put simply, Engage has been designed to fit with any business model, offering a host of ready-made, automated business and marketing processes you can put into place right now, both online and offline.

These processes can also be used as a basis to create a bespoke process specific to your business, so if you have a goal but aren't sure how to achieve it, you need to talk to us.

Remember, if you're not talking to your customers, someone else WILL - so make sure you're communicating with them in the right way.
FDC Enagage logo with features

Benefits of automating your communications with Engage

  • Streamline the processes already in place at your business
  • Choose from a range of standard packages, or a bespoke package, all with no hidden extras, manageable fixed monthly fees and available at no risk on a month by month rolling contract.
  • Integrate the latest technology into your business without sparing staff to set up the required procedures
  • Cloud-based processes mean there's no installation needed and you'll receive all our newly developed modules for free when you pay a subscription to us
  • Customers will experience improved journeys, leading to increased customer confidence and loyalty to your business
  • Staff will feel more valued through regular updates, leading to increased productivity and a positive working environment
  • Suppliers will receive clear, timely messages which reduces the margin for human error and makes work flow much more efficient
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